Work Portfolio

Below are a few of the websites that I’ve worked on professionally.

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Casella Solutions

Role: Lead AEM Developer

Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), AWS CloudFront, Apache rewrite rules, JavaScript

Description: Assembled website frontend using existing AEM components and templates (with minor CSS changes for rebranding). Configuried CloudFront and Apache web server to pass-through select headers and cookies, and redirect users to serve location specific content.

Key Challenges:

  • Designing a content negotiation strategy based the user’s geo-location and preferred locale; implemented strategy with Apache rewrite rules that examine request headers and browser cookies
  • Managing locale specific versions of website content, which was largely done using AEM’s Multi Site Manager

Audacy Wireless

Role: Lead AEM Developer

Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), AWS CloudFront, Java, CSS / SASS, JavaScript

Description: Developed website frontend from design mockups. Created APIs to share data and content between AEM and Magento platforms. Managed the backend data syncing between platforms, and automated the association of assets (images and PDFs) to products.

Key Challenges:

  • Integrating AEM and Magento platforms into a seamless user-experience; involved reverse proxying behind CloudFront, with shared product data, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Expanding content authoring capabilities to include the latest AEM authoring features (Responsive Grid, Systems System, and Dynamic Templates)


The Rolfing Tree

Role: Lead Developer

Technologies: WordPress, CSS / SASS, JavaScript

Description: Created a website for a local small business. Participated in all aspects including design, development, and hosting. Developed a custom WordPrese theme with optimizations including code minification, semantic HTML, CSS/SVG inlining, and responsive images.

Key Challenges:

  • Creating an SEO strategy that eventually helped the small business’s website become the first result on Google in local target market (search terms: Madison rolfing)
  • Aligning business web presence across different Google services (Search, My Business, Maps, and Ads)

IDEAL National Championship

Role: Frontend Developer

Technologies: ReactJS, JavaScript, REST API integration, CSS / SASS, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Description: Performed frontend updates to IDEAL National Championship website used for competitor registration and leader boards. Reworked registration workflow to use ReactJS powered dialogs, which have registered tens of thousands of competitors to date. Maintaining integrations with Google Maps API and custom backend REST APIs for leader board data.

Key Challenges:

  • Inheriting complex codebase featuring multiple JavaScript libraries included in non-uniform ways; compiled all libraries into standard webpack build, greatly reducing JavaScript code complexity and footprint
  • Maintaining complex data analytics throughout competitor registration process and marketing campaigns
  • Working with an external contractor who maintains the backend REST APIs; requires flexibility and good communication when updating API specifications